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Lulu's 1st experience with EC

by Lulu Koh

Rayzel at 15m, sitting on her "throne".

I first learnt about EC from a mailing list called Asiaparents. It sounded interesting and challenging, plus it promised to be the most economical way of settling my child's elimination needs (if I was totally successful, that meant I wouldn't need to spend money on any diapers at all! But of course, that took a long time).

When I first decided to EC, Rayzel was about 7 months old and fully disposable diapered (DD). I started off with about 2 hours a day, slowly lengthening the number of hours and taking it easy (meaning there were some days where we did not EC at all). However, I found that once I began, the momentum tended to keep me going, especially after successfully catching a pee. Instead of slapping a DD on her again, I just left her bottom bare or let her wear only a panty, as I knew she wouldn't be peeing again shortly. Later on, a friend introduced me to the world of BrightBots Training Pants, and these proved to be very useful indeed, as I wouldn't have to worry that furniture, clothing or the floor would get wet if we had a miss.

Rayzel was diaperfree during the day by the time she was about 2 years old, but sad to say, I didn't bother with nighttime ECing and had to keep purchasing disposables, although she generally needed only 1 diaper a night. After she was diaperfree in the daytime, I began ECing at night, although I suppose by that age, it was more like conventional potty training. Anyway, it was quite traumatic for both of us, because I wasn't used to waking up when she stirred at night, and finally I discovered that waking her to pee at a certain time each night worked. I sewed a few pocket diapers which I used on her at nights. After that she became diaperfree at night too, when she was about 2.5 years old. There was this time she regressed to bedwetting at night, and that was during our trip to Brisbane. We settled that before she was 3 years old (thankfully before my second child was born).

Throughout all this while she'd been using this potty with a back and sides. She looked like she was sitting on a throne! By 2.5 years of age she could climb up to the adult toilet seat with help from the footstool we got from Ikea. At 3.5 years, she was tall enough to get on without the stool. She was good enough to go on her own and call us to wash her after she was done.

And that was that.

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