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Sling Guide

There are so many different types and brands of baby carriers in the market today. As a responsible and informed parent, how do you select the best for your baby and yourself? Let us help by describing the various styles of carriers, so you will know the difference.

1. Ring sling (eg. Maya Wrap, Moms In Mind)

The ring sling is one of the most convenient and flexible to use. It allows you to carry baby in six positions:
1. Cradle carry
2. Snuggle hold
3. Hip carry
4. Back carry
5. Nursing/Lying down position
6. Kangaroo carry
7. Harness (for toddlers)

Ring slings are the most versatile of the baby carriers, but you do need the know-how. Need help with your sling? Make an appointment with us to get some tips on how to use your sling!

2. Ringless cloth slings (eg. Maya Adjustable Pouch, Indonesian Selendang, Wraps)

Pouch - Pouches give you all the benefits of using ring slings without the hassle of adjusting the rings, which can be quite difficult to master for some people. For pouches, you just put on your pouch, load baby in it, and off you go! However, as with everything, there are limitations. We have found that pouches generally cannot be adjusted to fit as well as ring slings, but they sure are easy to use!

Indonesian Selandang - This is essentially a long piece of cloth which you fasten around your neck. Indonesian helpers will be familiar and probably good at doing this. It is less comfortable and less secure than using a ring sling as the fabric is held only by twisting it together behind your neck. It also requires regular readjustment for comfort.

Wrap-style carriers - A wrap is a very long piece of fabric which you "wrap", as the name implies, many times around your body to distribute the weight
 of the baby evenly across your body. Many users have said that this is probably the best weight distributor around, but we find that this may be too warm in our sunny, humid tropical climate if you have to wrap several layers over your torso. At the same time, it would probably take some time to get baby out, which we're generally short of if baby signals that he needs to pee.

3. Mei Tai/Back carriers (eg. Ergo)

The traditional Chinese Mei Tai allows you to carry baby both in front and at the back. The two shoulder straps and waist tie allow baby's weight to be distributed between the caregiver's shoulders and hips. This is great for when baby gets heavier. It's also excellent for when you need to do housework and need to have baby out of the way. We have found that baby feels the lightest when he is on the back!

Update: The New Generation Ergo baby carrier is designed to have just the right amount of padding to give you the most comfort when carrying a heavy baby!


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