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Information on Babywearing

Also known as "in-arms parenting", babywearing refers to a style of parenting where baby is carried in your arms (or in a sling to make life easier) all day. The philosophy behind this is that a baby in arms is a happier and more secure one than a baby left all alone in a basket or chair. An essential element of Attachment Parenting, babywearing makes for less cranky babies and is an excellent way to bond!

The term "Babywearing" was first coined by Dr William Sears, MD and his wife Martha Sears, RN. It is an age-old tradition of carrying a baby close to the caregiver's body with the help of a baby carrier. Many primitive cultures have often developed their own unique style of baby carrier, such as the Papoose carrier (Eskimos), and Podeagi (Korean).


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